All of this is wrapped up with a chiptune soundtrack by Herogo.Along the way you'll need to make allies with plenty of mythical creatures who will help you on your journey.In Adventure of Heroes android players will actually have a multitude of 'awful' mini-games that they can play.It is actually a sneak peek at three games the company is working on for mobile devices.All of the games feature some pretty solid 3D visuals, with the MMO-strategy game being made with Adventure of Heroes ios.

The last game has a massive crafting system because crafting is a massive part of the survival RPG gameplay.The game has power-ups available to players, such a personal shield, and a compass.Stages will also be different depending on which difficulty setting you have it on.Unlike the above mentioned games though, these three new titles are not ports of current browser-based games that they already have out.You can choose to play as Chloe, Ryan, or Popo.These creatures come as 5stars by default and they can be summoned at the Adventure of Heroes android once you've collected the appropriate materials, all of which are available in Adventure of Heroes app store.
You can download a copy off of Google Play for free to try out, with a single IAP of $3.49 which will unlock the full game if you decide you like it.It's also been updated quite a few times with content expansions since its initial release a few years back.Feel free to check out the trailer below, as well as additional screenshots, to see some of the game in action.The MMORPG is actually a full multiplayer RPG including multriplayer boss fights and everything else you'd expect to find in an MMORPG.Right now we are trying to weasel more details out of our friends over at Pirate World Games, and when we do, we will post an update.​

For more information about Adventure of Heroes,please visit its official site.​