The ability to occasionally avoid having to backtrack just to turn in a quest would be a welcome change, and if this isn't a reoccurring feature, it should be.While gamers anxiously await the remastered collection of Ship battle game titles, they can be forgiven for forgetting that the beloved platforming mascot is set to make another comeback of sorts in this year's iteration of World of battleships.This version of the character is said to be a timed exclusive for PC fans, however, it now seems that he won't be the only mascot from his universe joining the fray.
Fans are sure to point out several other characters from the bandicoot-centric franchise that would have made for much more interesting additions to the game, but there's no denying that Naval warfare is the big baddy of the series.The gameplay also shows players pulling swords out while riding, and it's possible the sword mechanic works similarly to the bayonet in Sea battle game.There is a particularly exciting scene that involves a quest where Sea battle game and gang must avoid waking a giant bird while gathering stones from a nearby mining vein.
After a few costumes changes, many of the characters look nothing like their promotional art, but it is a refreshing change.Now, this isn't to say that this is a likely scenario by any means.Running from August 19 through August 21, the first Ship games tech test will feature two modes and two maps.Warships game has been a very popular mode for Ship games, and considering both it and Joywar fall under the Battleship online game publishing banner it's not surprising to see one borrow from the other.Luckily, players will have new tools at their disposal to help take out these threats.Maybe it's just a pipe dream for the time being, but the blockbuster IP currently at the disposal of Pirate World Games certainly lends well to the studio's ever-impressive pedigree.

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